Setting a new standard in personal transformation


Consultations and Energy Attunements

The AZOTH Consultancy offers a range of consultations - from 60-90 minute readings and consults, to a series of in-depth energy attunement sessions.

Often when we are at a crossroads - or fervent along the path of self-enquiry- insight and information from a different perspective or dimension can smoothly open up the road ahead and catapult us to a new perspective and level of experience.

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Courses and Mentoring

A wide variety of courses and programs are available designed to meet individuals at different stages of the journey. These programs guide and support seekers as they find their answers and quantum leap their experience of (their) reality.

From self-guided 6-month programs to a two-year course preparing individuals to become facilitators and guides, there are many paths to the top of the mountain- choose the route that most suits you.

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“Know thyself.
If thou canst learn the true nature of thine own self,
thou wilt know the reality of the Universe”

Swami Abhedananda