Setting a new standard in personal transformation,
The AZOTH Consultancy helps you live a life of what can be called Integrative Shamanism*

Because ceremony isn’t reserved for a time or place
- it is happening everywhere and in every moment.


*Shamanism here defined as:

  1. Being simultaneously aware of, and the simultaneous interaction with multiple perspectives/dimensions of one's reality for transformation and personal growth

  2. Integrating holographic consciousness (awareness) to understand, navigate, transform (quantum leap) one's reality


“Know thyself.
If thou canst learn the true nature of thine own self,
thou wilt know the reality of the Universe”

Swami Abhedananda


The Offerings

The AZOTH Consultancy offers a range of services, from 60-90 minute Consultations and Intuitive Readings to 6-month programs of mentorship and Quantum Leap Travels

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The Courses

We are in the process of developing a range of transformative courses. The AZOTH Consultancy Courses will be designed to guide and support people as they find their answers.

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